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Separating or divorcing is never easy.  But when couples and their advocates take a less adversarial approach, the entire family benefits.  Collaborative practice (often called Collaborative law) helps families resolve divorce issues with dignity and respect, in a more affordable and less stressful manner.   In the collaborative process, husbands & wives, partners, their attorneys, and any other collaborative mental health and financial professionals working with the family, agree to resolve all issues of their case without contentious court proceedings.  They plan together to craft an agreement.  They make thoughtful decisions that can actually work for the entire family's needs to be met:  a truly win-win solution instead of multiple casualties.
The Collaborative process is based on the promise by all participants:
  • To engage in open, respectful communication and to provide a voluntary and complete exchange of information.
  • A written pledge that there will be "no court" and the collaborative professionals cannot go to court if the parties decide to litigate.
  •  Everyone is committed to respect each other's goals and work toward a common solution to meet everyone's needs.
 Through collaborative law, the people who know the most about the family and its priorities have more control over the process of divorcing and making interest-based choices, but they have the guidance of professionals who are trained and devoted to achieving a thoughtful, fair, and workable divorce settlement for the entire family at an affordable price.
Please take a few minutes to review the rest of the website of the NEW JERSEY COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE ALLIANCE to learn how Collaborative law and the dedicated, independent, and trained professionals in our group can help you and your family move forward with your lives.   And CONTACT US BELOW.

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